Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges in Gramercy Park, NYC

A missing tooth can impact not only your oral health but also your self-assurance. Let us guide you through the transformative process of dental bridges, where bridging the gap means more than just restoring your teeth. It means restoring your confidence, comfort, and the joy of sharing your complete smile with the world. We’re excited to help you bridge the gap to a complete and confident smile.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

Dental Bridge is a highly effective restorative solution designed to seamlessly replace one or more missing teeth by bridging the gap between adjacent teeth. Comprised of meticulously crafted artificial teeth, which are securely anchored to the supporting teeth on either side, bridges offer not only a natural-looking but also a fully functional alternative to tooth loss. With their ability to blend seamlessly with the surrounding teeth, dental bridges restore both the aesthetic appeal and the proper functionality of the smile, boosting confidence and ensuring optimal oral health.

Best Candidates for Dental Bridges

Ideal candidates for dental bridges are those with one or more missing teeth adjacent to stable, healthy teeth. The health of surrounding teeth is important so they can securely support the dental crowns that hold the tooth bridge in place. Patients should also be free of gum disease and have positive oral hygiene habits to ensure long lasting restorations.

Our Dental Bridge Process

Teeth bridges are simple and noninvasive solutions to restore your smile’s appearance and function. The process we use is designed to be an efficient and straightforward tooth replacement option for our patients.

Upon your initial consultation, we delve into your oral health, discuss your goals, and collaboratively determine the most suitable bridge for your unique needs. During the preparation stage, adjacent teeth are gently readied by removing a minimal amount of enamel to accommodate the bridge. Impressions are then taken to craft a custom-fit bridge that seamlessly integrates into your smile. While your permanent bridge is crafted, a temporary bridge is placed, providing protection to your prepared teeth.

The final step involves your return for a follow-up visit, where the temporary bridge is replaced with the permanent one. This ensures not only a secure fit but also guarantees your comfort and confidence in your newly restored smile.

Bring Harmony Back to Your Smile

Looking to fill the gap in your smile? Begin your journey at Gramercy Dental Center. Our team is here to assist you on your path towards a complete and confident smile. Reach out today to schedule your appointment and experience comprehensive care that makes your needs the top priority. Contact us now to take the first step!