How to Help Your Grad Find Amiable Dental Care in College

As your child heads off to college, they’ll face many new responsibilities, from managing their own schedules to making their own healthcare decisions. That includes oral health. Helping your grad find a reliable, amiable dentist can make a significant difference in their well-being during their college years. The team at Gramercy Dental Center provides tips on what to look for.  

The Importance of Finding (and Sticking with) a Dentist

Regular dental checkups make sure your college student’s smile stays young. By catching issues early, they can avoid complications that affect their health. Seeing a dentist also really does keep them young—issues like gum disease and lost teeth can cause premature aging. A good dentist is a partner who helps your grad with preventative care and oral hygiene tips that are made specifically for them. 

Consider Accessibility and Convenience

If it’s too inconvenient to get to the dentist’s office, your child simply won’t go. Factors like location, office hours, and ease of scheduling could make the difference in whether your college student takes care of their teeth. 

But there’s more to convenience than that. At Gramercy Dental Center in NYC, we pride ourselves on offering amenities and tech that make it easy to access care. For instance, your grad can schedule online or get same-day crowns. Advantages like these reduce the steps to get treatment. 

Evaluate the Office Atmosphere

As your child might say, how are the vibes? As a new adult venturing out on their own for the first time, your teen will want to visit a place that is warm and welcoming instead of sterile and standoffish. 

Our amiable dental center is just such a place, designed to make patients of all ages feel safe to get care and open up about their concerns. That makes it more likely that they will keep up with their appointments. 

Review Their Services

Not all dental practices are the same. Check to make sure an office provides what your child might need. Some specific dental concerns your teen might have (and that Gramercy Dental Center offers):

  • Wisdom Teeth Removal: These molars emerge in the late teens or early twenties and require monitoring. We can perform tooth extractions if necessary.
  • Gum Health: Often overlooked, periodontal care keeps the foundation of your child’s smile healthy. 
  • Lifestyle Tips: Dentists like ours offer age-specific advice for students, like dietary suggestions and pointers on 
  • Orthodontics: Your college student can get a straighter smile with Invisalign®
  • Emergency Care: An errant frisbee on the quad, a late-night party mishap, a chewy cafeteria snack —these can cause dental problems that require immediate care

Compare Communication Styles

Some dental practices have a formal, clinical communication style. This can be great for delivering clear instructions. Others might adopt a casual, friendly approach, which can help put your child at ease. Consider what your teen prefers. Do they need reassurance or prefer efficiency? A good dentist adapts to each patient’s needs. 

We Have Advanced Tech, Great Vibes, and Amiable Dental Care

Gramercy Dental Center can provide exactly what your college student needs. If your child is attending school in New York, contact us for an appointment. We’re happy to answer questions and help you feel comfortable leaving your high school graduate’s care in our hands. Together, we can help them make the best healthcare decisions for their smile.