Dentures in Gramercy Park, NYC

Missing teeth can have a strong impact on your daily life, from eating and speaking to the simple pleasure of smiling. Our compassionate team is dedicated to restoring not just your teeth but also your sense of self-assurance. With personalized denture options tailored to your unique needs, we invite you to explore the transformative possibilities of a revitalized smile with our premier tooth replacement dentists in Gramercy Park, NYC.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are custom-crafted prosthetic devices designed to replace missing teeth, restoring both functionality and aesthetics to your smile. With a precise fit that matches your palette and oral structure, dentures are primarily held in place by suction, or the aid of a dental adhesive or dental implant. This makes them an amazing, noninvasive tooth replacement option that doesn’t require surgery or the altering of surrounding teeth. Depending on the level of tooth loss and personal preferences, there are several types of dentures we provide to meet each individual’s needs:

Best Candidates for Dentures

Ideal candidates for dentures are those dealing with tooth loss, either with complete tooth loss or multiple missing teeth throughout their smile. If a patient is only missing a single tooth or a small number in a single row, a dental bridge or single dental implant may be recommended instead.

It’s important that patients have healthy gums to support a comfortable fit. During a denture consultation, we’ll have our eyes out for any signs of periodontal or gum disease that could affect the restoration. Suitable jawbone health is also necessary to ensure one’s experience with dentures is positive and long-lasting.

Your Denture Treatment from Beginning to End

Your denture process is carefully guided through several stages. Starting with a personalized consultation, we discuss your goals, assess your oral health, and determine the type of dentures best suited to your unique needs. Following this, precise impressions and measurements are taken to create custom dentures that not only fit comfortably but also seamlessly blend with your natural teeth. Once crafted, we ensure a comfortable fit through a process of fitting and adjustments, making necessary modifications to guarantee optimal comfort and functionality.

Better Care for Longer Lasting Dentures

Typically made of a strong acrylic material, dentures are crafted to be durable, comfortable, and long-lasting. That said, they require proper care to keep their strong fit and stay free of bacteria. Maintain the longevity and health of your dentures with these simple tips:

Bring the Confidence Back to Your Smile Today

Experience the delight of reclaiming a complete smile with perfectly-fitted dentures. Reach out to Gramercy Dental Center now to schedule your appointment and allow our welcoming team to expertly guide you towards achieving a confident and fully restored smile. Contact us today to secure your spot and discover the transformative advantages of a rejuvenated, full smile.